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Security cameras, systems and technology have evolved considerably over the years. Today's low voltage CCTV video surveillance systems can be customized to fit most any need and most any environment, from large office buildings to small businesses, retail locations, convenience stores, government facilities, schools, residential houses and outdoor spaces.

Installing a CCTV system provides peace of mind and allows you the means to keep an eye on things at your Santa Fe & Albuquerque, NM area business, office or home, even when you're away, through our efficient remote solutions. ATI customers often find that employee performance and business sales and operations improve when management can view activities while away, and they deter employee theft.

ATI will customize your CCTV system and select the appropriate cameras for your specific needs and budget, and can also provide system integration and video monitoring. We can network your security system, allowing you ease in monitoring your business remotely on computers, smart phones and other devices.

ATI has over 125 years of combined experience installing and servicing security solutions and CCTV surveillance systems. Our expert technicians are well trained when it comes to working with computer based systems, integration and digital video recording (DVR) systems. They know how to safely run wires and cabling in the most efficient way, based on your building or home's architecture.

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We provide on-site security consulting and estimates to ensure the appropriate solution. We warranty equipment for up to five years depending on the manufacturer. Optional preventive service agreements and extended warranties are available.

Let ATI Security you gain the peace of mind and safety you deserve. If you're in the Santa Fe, NM are, call us today for more information and a free consultation.