Security Alarm Systems

Santa Fe & Albuquerque, NM, Northern New Mexico and surrounding cities & states

ATI Security Inc. is an established and experienced firm, considered among the best security alarm companies and 24/7 monitoring providers in the state. We work with customers to design, install and monitor systems for businesses, schools, government buildings, professional offices, retail operations, convenience stores and homes. ATI is committed to providing the best proven technology and comprehensive systems to improve safety and security while deterring theft or damage to property or persons.

ATI Security Inc. provides customized solutions and multiple manufacturers designed for each customer or building. Utilize ATI's experience to ensure your property in Santa Fe & Albuquerque, NM or surrounding states is safe and secure.

ATI Security's Primary Security Alarm Systems: GE Security, GESimon, Honeywell Lynx, Honeywell Admeco, DSC, HAI

ATI Security's Primary Security Alarm Systems: GE Security, GESimon, Honeywell Lynx, Honeywell Admeco, DSC, HAI

Security alarm systems (burglar alarms) are a combination of devices that detect opening and closing of doors and windows, glass breakage and motion and then send alarms to emergency services and our monitoring company. They also allow customers to send panic alarms if needed and may be armed and disarmed remotely. Burglar alarms offer greater security from premeditated crimes and can reduce insurance premiums for your business, store, office or home by as much as 20%.

Wired and wireless security alarm systems have gone beyond just security and are no longer just to alert you when intruders enter a premise. Customers may receive remote notification when a premise is armed or disarmed and by who, plus we often provide routine open-close reports for businesses. Home automation may now be included in systems, allowing for lighting and temperature control and moisture and water monitoring. ATI can also combine important carbon monoxide detectors and fire prevention into the alarm systems, greatly enhancing your business, office or home's safety.

With ATI Security Inc. you will have access to 24/7 monitoring of your security alarms or video with a UL Listed Five Diamond Station, with off-site back up alarm central station. You will receive unparalleled bilingual customer service, instant reporting and fast response to alarms through an experienced thirty year monitoring station.

We provide on-site security consulting and evaluation to ensure the appropriate solution for our customers. We warranty our equipment up to five years depending on the manufacturer. Optional preventive service agreements and extended warranties are available.

Let ATI Security Inc. help you gain the peace of mind and safety you deserve. Call us today in Santa Fe, NM for more information and a free consultation.